Am I the only one who measures time using songs? “Oh it only took me 4 songs to get here! that’s not too long!

Whew. Tapos na! :)


You know what? Even if you’re both destined to be with each other, even if God thinks of you as his future partner, even if you both feel that tender affection for each other, if time’s not in favor with the both of you to be together in that moment, nothing will happen. Great things take time. And love? Love is not just about finding that person perfectly to love but it’s also about timing, right timing under God’s permission to love that person in your own believed perfect ways.

sadness tastes a lot like you.
six word story, #27 (via lovelikewolves)

By @leedonghae “SJ coming ! This week ! DH” —-I’m not really sure if he meant that their comeback will be this week. But if its is, omg! I cannot. My feels!

By @kimheenim “내 얼굴이지만 이건 진짜 잘생겼다. #MAMACITA” —OMG! :O

@ Lydina’s debut. Di na nakaabot sa photobooth kaya sa phone nalang. :)

Costume pala ni Benoq yang star fish chuchu na katabi ko. Akala ko unan. Lol.

Dafudgeeeee! Nyahahaha

With her star fish pillow. 7:08 am na Aieeeen. XD

Good mooooorning! 7:03 am na, @yenyeol gising naaaaa. :P

8-23-14 :)

@ Lydina’s debut yesterday. Whewwww.